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YoMamaSoDumb.com is your source for the funniest yo momma jokes! We've got it all, from yo momma so dumb jokes to ugly, fat, short, old, poor, like a, teeth so yellow, black, white, and even yo daddy jokes! With more added every day!

Yo Mama So Dumb...
Your friend's mama not so smart? Give these jokes a try.
Yo Mama So Ugly...
Your friend's mama fall from the ugly tree? Check these jokes out.
Yo Mama So Fat...
Your friend's mama have more to love? You'll love these jokes.
Yo Mama So Short...
Your friend's mama vertically challenged? These jokes are for you.
Yo Mama So Old...
Your friend's mama over the hill? She'll love these jokes.
Yo Mama So Poor...
Your friend's mama's balance showin' zeros? She'd pay to hear these jokes.
Yo Mama Like A...
Yo mama like mustard, she spreads easy.
Yo Mama Teeth So Yellow...
Your friend's mama need to see a dentist? These jokes will brighten up their day.
Yo Daddy...
Your friend's mama's not the only dumb one, their daddy is too.
Yo Mama So Black...
Yo mama darker than a black hole? You gotta see these!

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History of Yo Momma Jokes

Many say the first Yo Mama Joke was spoken in 1824 by Wilford Brimley. Wilford was looking to cure his diabetes through "new-age" medicine. Since the year was 1824, it seems more appropriate to call it "old-age" medicine. Wilford's plan was to come up with a new type of joke in order to stimulate his immune system into producing diabetes-fighting antibodies.

Wilford's first Yo Mama Joke was, and still is, the most popular joke to date: "Yo mama so old, she farts dust." This joke encompasses all a Yo Mama Joke should be. It contains the words "Yo Mama", it's short, and it contains a direct insult to Yo Mama. In Wilford's case, he chose to go with a "Yo mama so old" joke. There are, of course, many other varieties of Yo Mama Jokes.

Take the "Yo Mama So Fat" joke. If I were to say "Yo mama so fat, she's on both sides of the family", you would laugh yet feel insulted at the same time. This is the essence and beauty of the Yo Mama Joke. Some folks elect to use more contemporary Yo Mama So Fat jokes, such as "Yo mama so fat, the last time she saw 90210 was on the scale!" This joke is referencing the 1990's television show, 90210.

The growing category of "Yo Mama So Dumb" jokes is quickly becoming the most common. "Yo mama so dumb, she tripped over a cordless phone" is widely accepted as the first Yo Mama So Dumb joke. This category of jokes is often intermingled with "Yo Mama So Stupid" jokes, thus substituting the word "dumb" for "stupid". Either phrase is acceptable, although "Dumb" is still the most popular.

"Yo Mama So Poor" jokes are often taken to heart a bit too much by the recipient of the joke. These jokes not only insult the individual's mother, but the receiver as well. Having an indigent mother bares weight on the receiver and suggests he or she is also poor. "Yo mama so poor, she bounces food stamps", for example, alludes to not only the person's mother being poor, but also the receiver of the joke.

When it comes to the foulest type of Yo Mama Joke, none other than the "Yo Mama Like A" joke takes the cake. These jokes habitually cross the line when it comes to good taste. One of the most despicable "Yo Mama Like A" jokes around is the joke, "Yo mama like a shotgun: two cocks and she blows!" This joke is hardly appropriate to anyone under the age of 18.

A peculiar emergence in the category of Yo Mama Jokes is the "Yo Daddy Joke" This variety of joke takes an interesting twist on an old favorite and instead focuses on the receiver's father. The first "Yo Daddy" joke was coined by Sir. Brandon Smithwick and goes, "Yo daddy like concrete; it takes him two days to get hard!" This joke is crude yet interesting. It focuses on the victim's father, who is less likely to be offended than the "Mama".

Yo Mama Jokes are a staple of the English-speaker's way of life. Without it, people would be forced to use "Blonde" jokes over and over. "Yo mama so blonde, she climbed a glass wall to see what was on the other side!" Well, maybe not.

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