Yo Mama Like A Jokes, Page 3….

21. Yo mama like an elevator, guys go up and down on her all day.

22. Yo mama like a window, always open.

23. Yo mama like a vacuum cleaner… she sucks, blows, and then gets laid in the closet.

24. Yo mama like a tube of Pringles, once you pop, you can’t stop.

25. Yo mama like an ice cream cone… everyone gets a lick.

26. Yo mama like a 5 foot tall basketball hoop, it ain’t that hard to score.

27. Yo mama like a Ford Pinto, she blows after she gets banged in the rear.

28. Yo mama like the Panama Canal, vessels full of seamen pass through her everyday.

29. Yo mama like a refrigerator everyone puts their meat in her.

30. Yo mama like a TV, even a 2 year old could turn her on.

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